About Us

Uniquely South Texas

South Texas thrives in entertainment, cuisine, nightlife and retail. At the center of it all is a new complex designed to deliver exceptional live performances and revitalize our vibrant community through sports and live entertainment events.​

We are not just “a stadium” or a sports facility, we are a place where memories are created, connections are made and experiences are lived.​

We are South Texas Amplified!

In a commitment to enhance the South Texas experience, H-E- B Park is now the premiere sports and entertainment destination and focal point for the entire community. H-E- B Park serves as a central community hub of outdoor space for active and recreational use including live music events and other forms of entertainment suitable for all members of the public.​

Home of the Rio Grande Valley Toros Football Club, a franchise of the United Soccer League (USL) and hybrid affiliate of the Houston Dynamo FC, H-E- B Park provides a unique opportunity with in-season and off-season practice fields and luxury accommodations onsite.

H-E-B Park and Stadium Grounds

Connecting people with invaluable experiences and in meaningful ways.

H-E-B Park Ampitheater

H-E-B Park aims to offer an environment that's occupied year round and enhance a significant community hub for South Texas and its visitors, all the while providing state of the art amenities and opportunities for a number of other potential sport, recreation and community users.

H-E-B Park will meet the growing needs of South Texas and the community's appetite for sporting and live music events. But most of all its infrastructure is an investment in human interaciton.

Our Mission

At HEB Park we are united by a purpose to serve the Rio Grande Valley by creating memories, delivering exceptional live performances and enhancing the quality of life of our community.​

Our Promise

Our promise is to provide customer service at a level of excellence that creates memorable experiences for our guests.​

Core Values


We understand that we are part of a collective and our success depends on the ability to work together toward one common purpose


We treat each other with respect, honesty and integrity. It is differences and abilities that produce better results.​

A Passion to Serve

Having the willingness to put our guests needs as our number one priority


We are determined to be the best partner and entertainment destination. We are committed to excellence in every level of our operation