Carnaval de Calaveras FAQs

Is this event an actual carnival event?
This event will include a moment of silence followed by the showing of the Disney hit movie CoCo and will conclude with a live performance by Grupo Solido.

How much is admission?
Socially distanced tickets in the stands start at $10.00 each, while four-person pods on the field start at $100.00, offering 6 ft. of distance between each pod.

Is there a limit to the number of tickets I can purchase?
Each pod has a max capacity of four. The stands have a maximum of six per group.

How old do you have to be to need a ticket?
A child two years old or younger is free admission. An additional ticket must be purchased if the child will use a seat.

Is the movie ticket separate from the concert ticket?
The ticket price includes the movie showing and the concert.

What time do the doors open?
6:00 PM

What time does the movie begin?
7:15 PM- 9:10 PM

What time will the concert begin?
9:40 PM- 11:10 PM

Is there an intermission?
There will be a 30 minute intermission between the movie and concert.

Is smoking allowed?
All events are smoke-free. That includes tobacco, e-cigarettes and vaporizing products.

Are pets allowed?
Unfortunately, pets are not allowed. No animals, except certified service animals, are allowed.

What should I bring?
Plan to bring blankets for your comfort. Bring a sweater or light jacket, it will cool down once the sun sets. We recommend you apply bug spray prior to entry.

Can I bring my own chair?
Lawn chairs will not be permitted.

What are the prohibited items?
Lawn chairs, umbrellas, and tents are not permitted. No heels will be allowed on the field.

Is there food available for purchase at the event?
A variety of concessions will be open offering selections ranging from soft drinks, snacks, burgers and tacos, and a variety of sweets.

Will alcohol be available for purchase?
Yes alcohol will be available for purchase at our 360 Bar, located on the North side of the stadium.

What is your bag policy?
HEB Park has a clear bag policy. A clear bag may not exceed 12”x6”x12”. Other approved bags include a small clutch or bag with measurements of 6”x6”x6” or less.

What safety measures does the stadium have in place?
HEB Park checks the temperature of every person entering the venue and is offered hand sanitizer immediately. Our sanitation squad offers sanitizer and disinfects common areas throughout the event. Tickets
are sold by group and each group is socially distanced 6’ ft. Masks are required to enter the facility.

Are costumes allowed?
Costumes will be allowed except full face masks and accessories.

Are strollers and diaper bags allowed?
Strollers will only be allowed in the suites and on the field where the pods are located. Guests with tickets on the stands are not allowed to bring strollers. Diaper bags are allowed.

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