Youth Academy

The Rio Grande Valley FC Toros Academy allows players, coaches and parents to participate in fun and dynamic soccer sessions on a year round basis. The academy will provide a progressive structure that will focus on long-term player and team development through a combination of individual training and team-focused programs.

We know how difficult is to find effective coaching programs in the Rio Grande Valley. Our main goal is to create a top quality soccer institution with well-structured training sessions that will challenge players effectively.

Unlike other organizations, Rio Grande Valley FC Toros Academy has a program for everyone, regardless of age or ability. The academy will have competitive and recreational programs that will meet your son or daughter’s needs.


Soccer was established in 1863 and has since become the most popular sport in the world. There has been a great demand for rigorous training and competition in the Rio Grande Valley area for years. The goal of the Rio Grande Valley FC Toros Academy is to provide a progressive platform for the growing youth soccer community. This will help showcase the abundance of talent in the Rio Grande Valley for both boys and girls of all ages.

The Rio Grande Valley FC Toros Academy’s curriculum is a blend of the best-known practices and coaching methods. We have active associations with DA Academies, professional clubs, national and International Soccer associations, therefore keeping our curriculum fresh and updated for every level of player.


The Academy recognizes that all players regardless of age or ability need technical and tactical development. The Rio Grande Valley FC Toros Academy will provide professional soccer instruction to 3-4 years olds through high school players, following our unique «Toros» training system.

The Rio Grande Valley FC Toros Academy system of coaching allows players to apply skills in a practical game setting. A complete soccer player not only knows how to execute a technique but also when and where to apply it on the field. By blending recommended components to suit the relevant age and ability of player, long-term player development is guaranteed!

College Players

The RGV FC Academy program encorages young male /female student athletes to go to college. Just in our 1st year, we will have 8 players participating in college soccer for the 2018-2019 Season. Some of the programs feature Airforce Academy Div 1 , University of the Incarnate Word Div 1, University of Houston Div 1, University of the Southwest NAIA, Paris Junior College NJCAA